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Hello World,
I am Sidharth Mohanty.

A dynamic full-stack developer, passionate about open-source, and driven to create innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact.

Final year CSE undergraduate at Odisha University of Technology and Research (Formerly CET), Bhubaneswar, India.

Sidharth Mohanty

LFX'2023 @ TheOpenMFProject | GSoC'2023 mentor & GSoC'2022 @ Rocket.Chat | React.js SME @ Relevel (by Unacademy) | Ex-Intern @ Memorang, DragonfruitAI

Life Changelog & Updates


  • Linux Foundation Mentorship Program 2023 (summer) with The Open Mainframe Project.
  • Google Summer of Code mentor 2023 with Rocket.Chat
  • Worked with Jugyah as a Founding Software Engineer Intern (Mar-May)
  • Worked with Memorang as a Software Engineer Intern (Jan-Apr)


  • Worked with DragonfruitAI as a Software Engineer Intern (Sep-Dec)
  • Selected as React.js Subject Matter Expert at Relevel (by Unacademy)
  • Google Summer of Code 2022 with Rocket.Chat (May-Sep)
  • Worked with PropelHQ team as a Product Engineer Intern


  • Open Source Contributor at Rocket.Chat (Oct 2021-Sep 2022)
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Learning never stops - run, fall, get up repeat

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