Sidharth Mohanty (icon)

Code, Gym, Caffeine, Repeat.

Before we start, here is a riddle that describes me:
"Through uncharted realms, I roam with might, seeking treasures hidden out of sight."

About me

Hi there, I'm Sidharth 👋

I'm a final year Computer Science student at the Odisha University of Technology and Research in Bhubaneswar (🇮🇳). I'm a fullstack developer with over 2 years of experience crafting mind-blowing applications. Web apps, mobile apps, chrome extensions, APIs—yeah, I've conquered them all. No biggie. JK, I'm still learning!

You know what they say—I've been a JS fanboy since day one. React, Vue, Angular, Node, Express, Nest, Next, Nuxt... I've danced with them all. But that's not all, folks. I've even dabbled in the dark arts of Golang and Python, creating APIs and CLI tools that would make wizards jealous. Impressive, right?

When it comes to tech, I'm the guy who's always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. Trendy tech? You bet I'm curious. I just love exploring new stuffs— Backend, DevOps, Databases, System Design, CI/CD you name it.

But hey, I'm not all about the code. I'm a fitness enthusiast, sculpting my coding muscles while pumping iron at the gym. And don't get me started on coffee—it's the elixir that fuels my coding adventures. They say knowledge is power, and I'm here to soak it all in. An eternal learner, always tinkering, experimenting, and solving problems. The tech world is my infinite universe, and I'm on an endless quest for discovering new horizons.